Detalles del proyecto

Our work

Project participating on a fairy

Tiny trees ready for getting planted

Small animals husbandry.

Fencing the cultivated plots.

Supporting the children’s environmental consciousness.

Intern students of the Universidad de la Selva, participating the reforestation.


The Peruvian Environment Minister Manuel Pulgar Vidal, who chaired the summit on climate change (COP20) in Lima, said today that the text adopted in Lima, as a basis for universal agreement to be n

We know the tradition, a pine tree in December is a symbol representing Christmas, but what we really need to cut down a tree it takes me eight years to grow to a tradition that lasts a month?

Generate prospects and appropriate this theme is the goal, is why from sharing experiences and views on the events taking place around us, on climate change and will accessible.


The Zero Deforestation Peru project is part of the Framework Convention of the United Nations Climate Change (UNFCCC or UNFCCC for its acronym in English) came into force in 1994, with the aim to r

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